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About wine, whiskey & women


Wine, Whiskey & Women strives to increase the number of women in leadership and ownership positions in both the winery and distillery industries.

Through paid internships and along with our yearly event series, we encourage celebration, empowerment, and affirmation.

The Heart Behind It

Word are important, but action matters.

Women drink wine. Men drink whiskey. Women like flowers. Men like cigars. That's what we were told growing up and that is generally what we’ve experienced in culture.

In 2016, we had a fair knowledge share of the wine industry and we began exploring the distilling industry. We always love exploring the ‘behind the logo’ of a company, especially craft industries. One of the first things we noticed in the distillery industry is that we never found a distillery by a woman. And of course it was a rarity to see a winery owned by a woman.

So we set forward to try to change that. Combining our love of wine, our new love of whiskey, and our cultural stereotype up bringing of women only like wine (which is clearly wrong), we created a platform to show case those distilleries and wineries with strong women backing. Now, actively we’re ready to influence those numbers.


We’ve developed an internship program and created partnerships to make a change in the percentage of women in each industry.

We’ve partnered with wineries and distilleries that not only stand behind our mission, but desire to be on the front lines of it. Our internships last 8 months and are intentionally structured to not only set up our intern to be in the best possible place to begin their career, but to jump start their career forward.

During their time, interns will experience a fully robust and detailed program, fully equipping them for their career in the industry. Networking within the two industries will be a huge component of the program as well as an international exchange program.


Our events not only help make our internships possible, they continue our mission to celebrate and empower all women.

Wine, Whiskey & Women events take our mission beyond just those involved with our internships but to the entire population. Each event revolves around core elements: celebration, empowerment, respect, support, self-confidence, self-worth and love. No part of the series is designed to act as just a fun night out or a quick Toy Story band-aid. They are real. With real women. They are deep and nourishing, while being playful and enjoyable. You’ll leave feeling more “you” than before.

The three aspects of the series are: The Expo (big celebration), The Shindigs (more intimate, speaker centered) and The Gala (a special night of pampering).

Want to learn more or get involved? Head over to our contact us page and get in touch with us!