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“Wine, Whiskey and Women is a fantastic event!... I felt I could be very real with everyone which was refreshing, honest and a whole lot of fun.”

- Carrie Welch, Co-Founder of FEAST Portland and Co-Owner of Little Green Pickle

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Nominate a woman to be celebrated at our next event!

In order to step up the celebration, we want to verbally acknowledge some women from our Main Stage, to let them know, in front of everyone, how special they are!

This celebration is not determined by 'accomplishments' or 'achievements' that we traditionally think of deserving recognition. For example, we view winning "World's Great Person" or starting a Fortune 500 company just as valuable as a stay at home mom of one and/or anything else. This is about celebrating and encouraging someone for the pure reason that everyone deserves to be celebrated.

Do you know someone who deserves to be celebrated? Submit your reason why in the form to the right. While we want everyone to be celebrated, we will select two women to be celebrated at our April 13th event.

The two questions to answer are purposely vague:

1) Why do you think this person deserves to be celebrated? 

2) What should this person know about themselves?

Success! Message received.

The Expo!
April 13th Speakers
Mel Heim
Vice PResident of operations and master distiller at eastside distilling 
"Women and Finances"
From Country Financial
breaking down the relationships they have experienced between women and finances.

The Three Branches of Wine, Whiskey and Women

The Expo!

Offering the most tangible substance of the three, The Expo! brings together as much as possible to celebrate as much as possible. With multiple wineries, distilleries and speakers, plus additional shopping and services, The Expo! makes for a fun afternoon + evening + night out.

The Shin-Dig

The crown jewel of the Wine, Whiskey and Women series, the intimate setting creates a valuable space to connect and celebrate with other women and hear from some of the most influential women in the area. The wine, whiskey, art, and chocolate doesn't make the night any worse! 

The Gala

This is a night to celebrate yourself and the women around you by being served as if you were part of the Royal Family. Dress yourself to celebrate and honor yourself how you see fit (crowns are allowed) and prepare for a night filled with dinner, a show, and of course wine and whiskey!


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