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WW&W Events

2021 Event schedule TBD

Our events not only help make our internships possible, they continue our mission to celebrate and empower

all women.

Wine, Whiskey & Women events take our mission beyond just those involved with our internships but to the entire population. Each event revolves around core elements: celebration, empowerment, respect, support, self-confidence, self-worth and love. No part of the series is designed to act as just a fun night out or a quick Toy Story band-aid. They are real. With real women. They are deep and nourishing, while being playful and enjoyable.


You’ll leave feeling more “you” than before.

The three aspects of the series are: The Expo (big celebration), The Shindigs (more intimate, speaker centered) and The Gala (a special night of pampering).

And you can always count on wine and whiskey being available.